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New York- a paradise for immigrants. Tons of individuals dream to get immigrants there. But after starting to live in New York, people always get stuck with some common problems. What are those? It could be language barriers, housing, transportation issues, and access to local service, employment opportunities; etc. In this situation, Lastpen is standing here to help you make your survival easier.

How Can We Help You?

Lastpen is a news and media website where you can find up-to-date news and interesting articles without having to deal with obnoxious Google Ads. Our main aim is to connect immigrants together in New York to spread more knowledge about everything. Whether you are a traveller or coming to New York for residence, either you face any rent issue or trying to buy a new car; you’ll find all the details on Lastpen. Also, we don’t display any advertisements on the screen because we don’t want to waste your time. Simply type the subject in the search bar and start reading. Our goal is to explore awareness and information to as many U.S. immigrants as possible, that’s it!

What Lastpen Is Best for?

  • No advertisement, no clickable link, no Google Ads!
  • SO many interesting articles there!
  • New York’s latest news is there!
  • We don’t bore you, trust me!
  • Also, we help immigrants to promote their business absolutely FREE!
  • We create job opportunities!
  • You can share your thoughts, your cooking recipes or your travel story, anything interesting like that! Just mail us your article. We will publish it with your name!
  • Even you can share with us any of your local incidents. We will report on it immediately!
  • We will guide you to find the best product online!